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Game-changing growth for cutting-edge privacy

We're not messing around—the 15-gallon Jumbo Thuja is the fullest, strongest, sturdiest tree we’ve ever shipped. And it’s the secret to super-sizing your space, right now!

More-developed roots means faster, thicker growth above ground

A full year older means a tougher tree that withstands weather, diseases, and pests

2X more roots than any of our other thujas for faster, healthier establishment in your landscape

Shipped in a recycled, reusable Root Pouchgardening container

Jumbo Thuja Green Giant

1933 Reviews

We've never sold a tree this size before now! Our Jumbo Thuja is our largest tree to date, delivering privacy the biggest, fastest way we know how. Not only has its growth been accelerated, but it’s wider, denser, and more mature than any other thuja, thanks to its top-notch root system.

Don't wait - these trees won't last long!

Only a small batch of these rare trees was planted and grown 4 years ago, so we have a limited quantity available. Order yours before they’re gone, so you can start enjoying the biggest, best growth your yard has ever seen, right now.

Mature Height

30-50 ft.

Mature Width

12-15 ft.



Growth Rate

Fast; 3-5 ft. per year

Grows Well in Zones


See how the Jumbo Thuja stacks up:

Bred to out-perform every other evergreen, the Jumbo Thuja is a cut above the rest. It’s been carefully cultivated by expert growers for a whole extra year. This means you get two times the volume of roots as our 7-gallon thujas, saving you major growth time in the garden.


15 Gallon Thuja

7 Gallon Thuja

Growing Years



Container Size

18" x 18"

14" x 14"

Container Volume

2.3 cu. ft.

1 cu. ft.

Soil Amount

27 qts.

18 qts.

How do we ship a tree this big?

  • Your tree will arrive in a Root Pouch casing, made from recycled water bottles
  • It ships in a box measuring 95" x 17"x x17" and weighing 75-85 lbs
  • Your tree will arrive directly to your door–no delivery appointment required!
  • Upon delivery, remove the Root Pouch and follow the unboxing instructions in your box
  • Reuse your Root Pouch for container gardening, tool storage and more
  • Start growing your dream privacy screen and follow the care tips below!

Have privacy questions?

Our Plant Experts are here to answer all your privacy tree questions and beyond. Call or chat with us now!

(800) 973-8959

Healthy trees, guaranteed

We've got your back!

Get peace of mind with our 30-Day Alive & Thrive Guarantee™! Your plants will arrive ready to thrive, or we’ll replace them within the first 30 days.

Your plants, protected

We know Mother Nature is unpredictable. Purchase additional protection with our one-year, one-time replacement warranty and get peace of mind for you and your garden.

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  • They grow fast

    I started with 4-5 foot trees to get some privacy on my back patio. 3 years later, they have filled in just as I wanted!


  • Arborvitaes

    So happy with our purchase! Shipping was fast and the trees were very healthy and were perfect for our project.


  • Impressed!

    I ordered 5 Italian Cyprus trees - they came quickly and were packaged well. I was impressed from the start - then I pulled them out of the box and WOW!

    Margaret H.


    Whelp here’s the proof how MAGNIFICENT THESE TRULY ARE… It’s been almost a year and a half and these have literally taken off to fulfill our dream!



How do you plant the Jumbo Thuja?

This is a large landscape tree and as such, requires a bit of planning before planting. First, choose an area that receives at least four hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight per day. Then, measure the area where you would like to plant your hedge or row. You will need the length of the area of planting to estimate the number of trees you need.

When planting, dig a hole for each tree that is three times as wide as the root ball but just as deep. You don’t need to add anything to the planting hole. Place the tree, fill in around the tree with the same soil you took out when initially digging the hole. Finally, tamp down as you fill to cut back on any air pockets from forming, water the tree, then mulch to conserve moisture.

How do you water the Jumbo Thuja?

Water your trees well for the first two weeks after planting. You should keep the soil evenly moist with no standing water. If you’re unsure when to water, feel the soil a few inches down, and water if it’s dry.

During the second two weeks, switch to watering every three days with the same method mentioned above. After the first month, water once a week unless it is dry and hot (no rain and temperatures above 80 degrees). If it is hot and dry, water twice a week. After the first six months, the trees will be established and won’t need any extra water. Your natural rainfall should be sufficient at this stage.

How do you prune the Jumbo Thuja?

You won’t have to prune this tree if you’re growing it with enough space for it to maintain its naturally graceful pyramid shape. If you’re growing several close together as a hedge, you can shear the plants yearly after the final frost.

How far apart should Jumbo Thujas be spaced? 

Depending on the height you’d like to achieve from your privacy screen, follow this spacing guide when planting your trees in a straight row:

Desired Height

Distance Between Trees

20-25 feet tall

5 feet apart

25-30 feet tall

8 feet apart

40+ feet tall

10 feet apart


How do you protect Jumbo Thujas from deer?

Possibly the best feature of this evergreen is that deer don’t favor the taste. If you live in an area with heavy deer pressure, spray your thujas every 3 to 6 months with deer repellent. That’s all the protection you need.