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House Plants

Showing 1 - 20 of 74 items

Showing 20 of 74 items

Braided Benjamina Ficus Tree

Sunlight: Indirect Light

Growth Rate: Fast

Starting at $94.95

121 reviews
Growing Zones: 8-11
Growing Zones 8-11
Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant)

Sunlight: Indirect Light

Growth Rate: Fast

Starting at $40.95

369 reviews
Golden Pothos

Sunlight: Direct to Indirect Light

Growth Rate: Moderate

Starting at $31.95 Starting at $19.95

60 reviews
Vanilla Bean Plant

Sunlight: Full-Partial

Growth Rate: Moderate

Starting at $119.95

60 reviews
Growing Zones: 9-11
Growing Zones 9-11
Spider Plant

Sunlight: Indirect to Low Light

Growth Rate: Fast

Starting at $39.95 Starting at $29.95

27 reviews
house plants

Your favorite trees and plants in any climate.

Imagine the promise of colorful blooms, year-round foliage or even fresh fruit throughout the year. With our Indoor/Patio Trees, it’s possible to bring the joy of easter potted plants. Here are a few of our tips for success to keep your new plants going and growing strong.

Where to Buy Indoor Plants

You've come to the right place!

  • Our large variety means you find the perfect plant for your needs.
  • We’ve hand-selected each plant type for pest and disease resistance, heat tolerance and more, so all are low-maintenance.
  • Each Indoor/Patio Tree is a proven performer and has been planted with care at our nursery before arriving at your door.

Planting and Growing Indoor Plants

How Often to Water Indoor Plants and More

Specific planting instructions will depend on the variety you've purchased, but sunlight and watering needs are most important to determine. Several of our Indoor/Patio Plants and Houseplants love full to partial sun (4 to 8 hours of sunlight) and well-drained soil but make sure you double-check for your variety. Here are a few of our tips for success to keep your new plants going and growing strong:

  • Preparation: Any season is a good season to plant these trees since they can move indoors when it’s too cold. Sun and soil requirements depend on your variety, but full sun plants can simply be placed in front of a sunny window.
  • Planting: Use a container with space for your plant to grow – typically one that’s two to three times the width of your plant’s shipped container. Then, dig a hole for your plant, backfill soil after placing and water to settle the roots. Drainage holes are also a must for your container.
  • Pollination: Some of our indoor fruit varieties may require a pollinator, but if they are self-fertile, hand pollination works fine. Simply use a clean paintbrush to transfer pollen to each leaf for blooms (and eventually fruit) to appear.
  • Pruning: Simply remove any suckers near the base of your plant, and prune indoor fruit trees immediately after the last harvest in fall.
  • Ongoing Care: Depending on your Indoor/Patio variety, you may feed your plant with fertilizer during spring or fall and spray with an organic solution to eliminate any pest or disease issues.
Houseplant Lighting
House Plant Lighting


Looking for more house plants to add to your collection? Check out our guide to popular types of house plants.