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Fertilizers and Soil Additives

Showing 1 - 20 of 42 items

Showing 20 of 42 items

Root Rocket® Evergreen Rocket

Starting at $11.95 Starting at $9.95

76 reviews
Growscripts Citrus Tree Care Kit

Starting at $17.95 Starting at $15.95

102 reviews
Root Rocket® Rose Rocket Tablets

Starting at $6.95 Starting at $4.97

28 reviews
Growscripts Tropical Fruit Tree Care Kit

Starting at $16.95 Starting at $14.95

22 reviews
Growscripts Orchard Tree Care Kit

Starting at $16.95 Starting at $14.95

18 reviews
Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes

Starting at $21.95 Starting at $19.95

16 reviews
Organic Planting Mix

Starting at $11.95 Starting at $9.95

727 reviews
Growscripts Berry Bush Care Kit

Starting at $16.95 Starting at $14.95

10 reviews
Root Rocket® Evergreen Fertilizer

Starting at $11.95 Starting at $9.95

39 reviews
Root Rocket® All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer

Starting at $11.95 Starting at $9.95

19 reviews
Espoma Organic Soil Acidifier

Starting at $17.95 Starting at $21.95

7 reviews
Rosy Soil Houseplant Mix

Starting at $21.95

Jolly Gardener Tree, Shrub & Rose Soil

Starting at $19.95 Starting at $24.95

3 reviews
Growscripts Avocado Tree Care Kit

Starting at $16.95 Starting at $14.95

49 reviews

The secret to lush, healthy plants? It’s not so much about a master green thumb as it is about creating the right environment for your plants, which can easily be achieved with the help of our robust collection of fertilizers and soil additives. With organic mixes, specialized formulas, and plant care kits, our vast selection of fertilizers for sale can help you grow your best garden yet!

Different Types of Fertilizers and Soil Additives

From organic fertilizer to plant food, there are dozens of types of fertilizers available to help your plants and lawns achieve their optimal health. Fertilizers are primarily broken into two categories:

Organic fertilizers: This blend of compost, peat moss, and manure retains moisture in the soil and provides nutrients for plants through decomposition.

Inorganic fertilizers: Consisting of chemicals like nitrogen and phosphorus, these fertilizers come in various formulas to target your plant’s specific needs.

How to Apply the Fertilizer in the Right Place

Always follow the directions on your fertilizer’s package and wear gloves when handling. Directions will vary depending on if you’re feeding container plants or large areas in your yard. For new plants, mix in fertilizer with the soil you’re using to backfill the planting hole. For established plants, sprinkle fertilizer onto the soil around the plant’s drip line.

When applying fertilizer to new plants, mix your fertilizer into the planting hole

How to Choose the Best Fertilizer and Soil Additives

Before identifying the right type of additive for your plant, it’s important to understand the issue you are addressing. This might include nutrient deficiency, helping young trees become established, maintaining the growth of older trees, or improving the fruiting or flowering of plants. Once decided, be sure to check your plant’s specific planting instructions to identify the ideal formula for your plant’s health.

Common Questions about Fertilizer

Is fertilizer a soil additive?

Though fertilizers and soil additives both aid in the growth of plants, there is a slight difference. Fertilizers feed plants with nutrients your soil may be lacking, while soil amendments are used to improve the condition of your soil.

What is the best soil additive for grass?

We’re big fans of Esposa All Season Lawn Food for its premium blend of organic ingredients, which promotes robust root development.

What fertilizer makes grass thicker and greener?

Espoma Organic Spring Lawn Booster promotes an early spring green-up with its premium blend of natural and organic ingredients, helping transform your lawn into a lush paradise!

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