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Over 2 Million Happy Customers

Customer Reviews of Fast-Growing-Trees.com

Trees were shipped out exactly when the nursery said they would be . They arrived in excellent packaging. The leaves were quite pale with some discoloring, but the nursery said they might be in this condition from being out of the sun for five days. Haven't planted yet since there might be a chance of frost yet tonight, so am excited to see the kind of recovery the trees make. These were far less expensive than the ONE I found at a local nursery last year and they looked just as good and they were just as big. so far I am very happy.


Chicago, Illinois

Every tree I've bought from FGT has been amazing. My first purchase was 2 cherry trees (different varieties for better polination) and a peach tree. The peach tree came with tiny peaches already growing on it. Those peaches are now almost ripe - two months after planting! The cherry trees have not bloomed but I wasn't expecting any of the trees to fruit the same year I bought them! My next purchase was two columnar apple trees, one with golden fruit and one with red fruit. Once again, the trees are healthy and hardy, and I'm gleeful at how they'll look covered in fruit next year.

Added customer service bonus with FGT: The first three trees got delivered to the wrong address, having nothing to do with FGT - FedEx guy just didn't check addresses correctly I guess. When I didn't receive the trees despite my email saying "delivered", I panicked and notified customer service. Customer service replied within an hour telling me they'd send me new trees right away! The neighbor who got the trees ended up contacting me and I got the original trees back, so I told FGT to cancel the second delivery, but I'm still majorly impressed they would go that far for good customer service! I'll almost certainly buy more trees from FGT, I'm hooked!


Lubbock, Texas

I was looking for a mimosa tree for a dear friend for a housewarming gift. I could not find any in my hometown area. The local gardening nurseries did not have them, but could order them. I thought that if I had to order one I might as well check online for better pricing. I put the word mimosa trees in my voice search and Fast-Growing came up. Their pictures of the trees were gorgeous, the knowledge of the trees was a great help, so I ordered one. It came alot faster than I thought it would and the package was delivered in a big tall box, and packaged very well. I was really surprised the way it was shipped. To make a long story short, I will definitely recommend them to anyone and will order all my future trees, shrubs, and etc. from them!! My friend also was elated with her Mimosa tree. Thanks for doing a job well done!!!!!


Columbus, Ohio

I bought several banana trees online because the ones at my local nurseries don't fruit. I bought one from FGT and two from different sources. The one I got from FGT was far superior to the other stores. The plant was way, way bigger, healthier, potted better and was clearly packed by folks who know their trees. I then decided to get a Weeping Willow from here and was pretty shocked when a 6-foot box showed up. The tree was good size and also in great shape. They e-mail you when your package gets shipped with your tracking ID. All around a great company.


Camino Island, Washington

Absolutely LOVE the trees I ordered from FGT. I purchased three trees; Hass Avocado, Cold Hardy Avocado, and a Meyer Lemon. Since then, my Cold Hardy tree has flowered twice. The Hass Avocado tree I thought died since it lost all but three leaves. However, it is slowly coming back and has flowers on it as we speak! My Meyer Lemon tree could not be doing any better. Within 3 months of purchasing it was loaded with hundreds of flowers. Of those flowers I got about 20 to turn to fruit! They are now about the size of golf balls!!! Not to mention there are multiple generations of fruit of the tree! Could not be happier with the trees I purchased from Fast Growing Trees ♥


Charleston, South Carolina

Having lived in FL for over 12 years before coming back home to Indiana after my husband died, I found myself wanting a piece of Florida life like we had at our "palatial estate" in Florida here in Indiana. I ordered 2 cold hardy Sago Palm trees. Reasonable cost including delivery. Arrived in good shape and a nice size for a smaller yard. I was kept informed of their shipping and arrival. They are now on my front porch getting used to the area etc until I decide the best place for permanent installation . Thank you for getting my little piece of Florida here with me in Indiana!!!


Gary Indiana

I swear to everything I have that I bought this tree last week, it arrived YESTERDAY and all the flower pod things (this is my first tree I don't know the lingo) were closed. But I was like oh wow it's already got little pod things that's a good sign.

And I come home today from work after having potted it with the root rocket and the custom soil stuff they give you (along with the soil from the original pot so it's like mixed together), all I did was water it the day I got it and again this morning, and two of the flowers are already blossomed! One is wide open, another is starting to open. I am absolutely floored with satisfaction over this purchase. Talk about instant gratification! I know obviously lemons take a while to grow to maturity but the fact that it's already bearing fruit after HOURS means these people really know how to pick 'em!

What a great addition to my home, thanks FGT! You really lived up to your name!


Davidson, North Carolina

We ordered the 5 in 1 Apple tree. We are very pleased with it. It arrived fast and in great condition. My 4 yr old granddaughter and I planted it the same day It came. First thing this morning, she ran out to check for apples. She was a little bumbed to find out it takes a little longer than she wished, lol. The next day our weather changed(that's Michigan for you) now the poor thing looks a little beat up. So praying it stays strong. Thank you for helping is make some wonderful memories. Can't wait to see what it does.


Detroit, Michigan

All that I ordered from Fast Growing Trees arrived in mostly excellent condition. A few small branches had been damaged but they were in excellent condition health wise and wonderfully shipped. I have already bought more trees!!!! And there prices are perfect. I was looking for a particular tree that I wanted but at the nursery in my town it was far to expensive. I got on line and found that they were way to expensive even on line. Then I found Fast Growing Trees and the tree I looked for but could not afford through any other means now grows in my front yard. I love this place!!!!! Thank you Fast Growing Trees!!!!


DeLand, Florida