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We’re so grateful for those on the front lines of the healthcare field. Nurses, EMTs, and other medical professionals keep our communities going no matter the season. You heal, encourage, and comfort us at our best and worst—most of all, you care. 

Nurturing plants (and the planet) is in our nature, just as nurturing patients is in yours. And this year, we want to thank all the people who keep our world growing strong. So starting in December, we’re giving away 250 plants to nurses, paramedics, and other frontline healthcare workers in the continental U.S. 

Give the gift of nature to a caregiver in your life. There is no fee or purchase required to nominate someone (and self-nomination is both allowed and encouraged). Questions? Visit our FAQs! 

By nominating yourself or someone else, you are opting in to receive email communication from FastGrowingTrees.com related to this giveaway.

Choose From 3 Festive Plants

Living Christmas Tree

Living Christmas Tree product image

Low-maintenance, adaptable evergreen that grows tall and wide

Plant Size:
2-3 ft.
Max Size (HxW):
40 ft. x 20 ft.

Cold-Hardy Red Pomegranate

Cold-Hardy Red Pomegranate product image

Compact edible tree with bright fruit and even brighter flowers

Plant Size:
1 Gallon
Max Size (HxW):
10 ft. x 10 ft.

Yuletide Camellia

Yuletide Camellia product image

Low-maintenance, evergreen shrub that blooms in winter

Plant Size:
1 Gallon
Max Size (HxW):
10 ft. x 10 ft.

Questions & Answers

What professions are eligible for this giveaway?

  • Registered Nurse (Includes home care, surgical, etc.)
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (Includes home, senior, and hospice care, etc.)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Licensed Vocational Nurses
  • Nurse Case Managers
  • Nurse Specialists
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurse Educators
  • Dental hygienists/assistants
  • EMTs, Paramedics
  • Physician Assistants
  • Full-time caregivers

I’m a nurse/EMT/etc. Can I nominate myself?

Absolutely, yes!

What about full-time caregivers who are not paid?

If you (or the nominee) are not formally employed because you have committed to nursing a high-need parent, child, or relative who requires full-time medical care, you are most definitely eligible for this giveaway.

What are the requirements for nominees?

Nominees must:

  • Currently live in the continental U.S. (Note: We cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii.)
  • Currently work as a healthcare professional (For more details, see: What professions are eligible for this giveaway?)
  • Have a valid mailing address to receive the plants

Can I nominate more than one person?

Yes! We will ship the giveaway plants to the first 250 nominees who meet the requirements.

How will we be notified if our nominee is chosen to receive the plant?

As long as we still have the inventory and the nominee meets the requirements, they will receive their free plant. We will email all nominees as we begin shipping—please be sure to include your nominee’s email address!

When will the giveaway winners receive their plant?

  • Nominees who live in growing zones 7-11 will receive their plant sometime before the end of January.
  • However, growing zones 3-6 are closed for shipping for the winter season. If the nominee lives in one of these zones, they have two options:
  • We can hold the plant until their zone reopens in spring. This will ensure the plant will not be damaged by cold weather in-transit. The nominee will still receive an email in January announcing that they have won our Thanks-for-Caring Holiday Giveaway.
  • We can ship the plant in January. However, by selecting this option, the nominator accepts the risk of damage to the plant in-transit. You can choose the option you or your nominee prefers when you fill out the nomination form.

Not sure about the nominee’s growing zone? Click here to view our zone map.

I’m not a healthcare worker. What if I want to buy this plant for myself?

All these plants are available for purchase on our website.