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Holiday Trees & Gift Plants

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Showing 101 of 101 items

Tis always the season for celebrating and gifting here at Fast Growing Trees! Whether you’re in need of a picturesque Christmas tree to celebrate with the family or a housewarming gift that will bring joy for years to come, you’re sure to find the perfect item among our wide selection of holiday trees and gift plants.

Gifting plants is a long-favored tradition during the holidays and housewarmings—and whether you’re looking for something small to bring to a party or a statement tree to really impress a friend, we’ve got all your celebrating and gifting needs covered.

Learn more about the holiday trees for sale at Fast Growing Trees, along with the many giftable plants we love to share with family and friends.

Different Types of Holiday Plants and Gifts

It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating the holidays at home or looking to arrive with the best gift at the housewarming party, we’ve got all your holiday and gift needs—here are just a few of our favorites:

It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating the holidays at home or looking to arrive with the best gift at the housewarming party, we’ve got all your holiday and gift needs—here are just a few of our favorites:

Fresh Cut Fraser Fir: Grown in the mountains of North Carolina and hand-selected by our plant experts, the Fraser Fir Christmas Tree will arrive at your home fresh, full, and ready to act as the centerpiece for all your holiday celebrations. The Fraser Fir is renowned for its classic shape, nostalgic scent, and soft needles. By shipping the freshly cut tree right to your door (P.S. You can also get the tree stand, too!), there’s no need to schlep to your local garden center or tree farm—not to mention cut the tree yourself! And while we love the Fraser Fir for its quintessential Christmas qualities, our selection of holiday trees doesn’t end there—check out our full collection of evergreen trees for enjoying a touch of the holiday outside.

Frasier firs are a classic cut Christmas tree.

House Plants: The house plant is the classic gift for the new homeowner—and there is no shortage of options to choose from! From vine-cascading philodendrons to stand-tall Fiddle-Leaf Fig Trees, a house plant is a thoughtful, affordable way to show someone you’re thinking of them and wishing them well. Grace friends with the good fortune of a Money Tree. Share your love of all things green with the novice gardener with a no-hassle Spider Plant. Or go for the classic showing of love, with a cascading, delicate orchid, an elegant gift to give to both new and old friends. The possibilities are endless!

House plants like Monstera, Norfolk Island Pine and Snake Plants make excellent holiday gifts and decor

Fruit Trees: Give the gift that gives season after season with a fruit tree! Not only are you giving a gift that looks beautiful, but one that produces a delicious crop each year. All of Fast Growing Trees fruit trees are nurtured to develop strong roots that will thrive once they’re planted. With dozens of varieties including citrus, apple, cherries, avocados, olives, and more, our fruit tree collections make memorable, long-lasting gifts. Just be sure to check the growing zone of your recipient’s home before purchasing—plus, if gifting just a single fruit tree, it’s best to choose a self-pollinating variety like our 3-in-1 Cherry Tree that doesn’t require additional pollinators.

Flowering Trees: Give the gift of an eye-catching view during every season with one of our flowering trees. Available in a wide array of colors and types, our Flowering Tree collection bursts with options that will provide deeply-hued foliage and visual interest. From the iconic Crape Myrtle to the classic Dogwood, gifting a flowering tree will make you the best friend ever! Still unsure of what type of plant to give? A Fast Growing Trees gift card is a versatile way to give the gift of greenery without worrying about the recipient’s growing zone, planting space, or green thumb.

Common Questions about Holiday Gift Trees

Can we gift a Christmas tree to someone?

Yes! FastGrowingTrees fresh-cut Christmas trees can be gifted and shipped across the continental United States (except for Arizona), so you can spread the holiday cheer!

Can I also include a gift card enclosure?

At this time, FastGrowingTrees only provides an e-gift card option, so you’re unable to provide a physical gift card alongside any plants you ship. However, if you’d like to surprise your recipient, you can enter your own email at checkout, and then forward the gift to them at a time that’s convenient to you.

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