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What to Expect From Your Flowers in April

The Fast Growing Trees Team — Mar 31, 2023

What are your flowering plants doing right now?

Rain, rain, go away! April is a big month for transitioning plants. In some areas, you’ll be planting, while in other areas, you’ll be battling fungal issues from wet conditions. Focusing on water and how it flows through your soil is key right now. Here’s what to expect from your flowering plants in April:

Fire up the Fertilizer

  • Now is the time to start fertilizing for spring growth! Make sure you’re only giving your plant what it needs—remember, too much of anything can be a bad thing.
  • Don't assume all fertilizers are the same—each formula is unique and has a different delivery method and dose. Do your diligence by reading product labels thoroughly, even organic fertilizer labels, and wear protective gloves when applying it.

Ready, Set, Bloom!

  • Some early blooming trees will have flowers on them already. 
  • If you’re experiencing flowers but no fragrance, don’t worry! Sometimes younger trees or trees that have experienced lots of rain can lack scent, but it should return as the plant grows older or weather conditions change. 
  • If any of your flowers or leaves have been damaged by a late frost, simply remove them so they aren’t taking up the plant’s energy unnecessarily. New leaves and flowers will soon take their place! 

        Keep Growing

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