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What to Expect From Your Fruit Tree in June

The Fast Growing Trees Team — Jun 05, 2023

What are your fruit trees doing right now?

By now, your landscape is well into the growing and flowering season, no matter where you call home. June is a time of transition for your plants, so while your landscape is still actively growing, you might start to see signs of stress, as well (which is normal)! Here’s what to expect from your fruit trees in June:

Stay Vigilant

  • Watch those fruits! You might be able to start harvesting some fruits, while others still need time to completely ripen. Be on the lookout for fruits that are starting to look ready, and try to beat the wildlife to them! If you’re not sure when your fruit should ripen, make use of resources like your local extension service or even the farmer’s market for the most accurate time estimates for your area.
  • Keep pruning those suckers and weeding around your tree. By eliminating competing weeds and plants (including grass), you’re allowing your tree to focus on growing fruit. This will make it easier for your tree to produce bigger, sweeter fruit. 
  • Younger fruit trees might still be establishing, and this takes energy to do! If you see smaller fruits that aren’t getting larger, that’s ok! As your tree ages, the harvest will become larger. 
  • Stay on top of fertilizing and watering. This is the best way to ensure your tree has what it needs to produce tasty fruits. We suggest fertilizing after you weed to make sure you aren't  feeding the weeds instead! Keep a log of when you fertilize—this will make caring for multiple trees easier, and you can reference it for next spring.

    Keep Growing

    Have questions about your fruit trees? Email our Plant Experts 
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    Ensuring you have the right pollinator for your fruit tree is crucial for its success. Without it, you won’t reap the rewards of fresh, delicious fruit. Luckily, we’ve made it as simple as can be with our brand new pollinator checker. Tell us what fruit tree you need a pollinator for and we’ll pair you with the perfect fit!

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