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Colorado Blue Spruce TreePicea pungens

  • Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

    Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

  • Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

    Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

  • Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

    It's the wax on the Blue Spruce's needles that create its color, this color may vary if the wax is worn away from weather elements like snow, hot sun or other exposure.

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  • Colorado Blue Spruce Tree
  • Colorado Blue Spruce Tree
  • Colorado Blue Spruce Tree
  • Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

* Images shown are of mature plants

Colorado Blue Spruce TreePicea pungens

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Sleek Silvery Hues on a Timeless Evergreen

Why Colorado Blue Spruce Trees?

With silvery blue-green tones year-round, a sleek pyramidal silhouette, and straightforward, no-nonsense care, the Colorado Blue Spruce Tree ticks all the boxes of a landscape must-have. Its columnar shape and stiff, crisp needles set it apart from other evergreen varieties. Not to mention that its deer resistant and drought tolerant! 

And when it comes to planting and care, the Colorado couldn’t be easier to maintain. This well-known beauty withstands wind better than most spruces because it boasts a widespread, deeper root system. Plus, it’s long-lived (seriously…it can last hundreds of years!) and provides food and shelter for graceful wildlife, like siskins, crossbills, and nuthatches.

Even better? It adapts well to a variety of soils, from acidic to clay, and requires normal moisture with moderate tolerance to drought. Also, with a manageable growth rate of 12 to 24 inches per year, it’s easy to acclimate to your landscape with its uniform growth and symmetrical branching.

Basically, the Colorado Blue Spruce Tree is not just your typical evergreen – especially since its needles are 95% blue. Whether you’re looking for an all-natural privacy screen or windbreak, these Spruces are ideal for planting in a row and are the best selection for container growing. A festive twist in the form of light brown, 3 to 4-inch cones concentrated in the upper crown makes it a delightful backyard beauty during the holidays and beyond.

Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better

When you order from Fast Growing Trees, you get all of the benefits of the Colorado plus the promise of strong, healthy growth. Your Colorado leaves our nursery with a healthier, better-developed root system.

Many fast-growing trees aren't as strong, especially when they come from big-box stores. But your Colorado Blue Spruce is grown and nurtured for months ahead of shipping...and now, you reap the rewards with a tree that thrives season after season.

It's one of the most planted cultivars by professional landscapers for a reason. Is there anything better than a no-nonsense evergreen with the added perk of vibrant, unique beauty? Order a Colorado Blue Spruce Tree of your own today!

Planting & Care


1. Planting: Choose an area with direct sunlight for your Colorado Blue Spruce. Though it thrives in full sun, it will also grow in partial shade. Furthermore, a wide range of soil types supports the Blue Spruce - clay, loam or sandy - provided that the soil is well-drained.

Once you’ve found your ideal area for planting, dig a hole that is shallower than the root ball and at least twice the width. If you’re planting several Blue Spruces together for privacy fencing, ensure you space them at least 10 to 20 feet apart.

To help the soil retain moisture even more efficiently, spread 3 to 4 inches of mulch around the base of the Spruce.

2. Watering: To encourage proper growth, water your newly-planted Blue Spruce Trees at least once a week during the first year after planting, until the ground freezes during the winter. More frequent watering may be necessary during the warm summer months to keep the ground adequately moist.

If you’re not sure when to water, simply feel the soil near your tree, down to about a depth of 1 inch. If it feels dry, it’s time to water.

3. Fertilizing: Although Colorado Blue Spruces don’t require frequent fertilizing, an application during early spring (before the growing season) provides an extra boost of nutrients for longer needles and richer color. Use 10-10-10 slow-release fertilizer and follow label instructions.


How big does a blue spruce get?

Blue spruces grow to be around 50-75 feet tall and 10-20 feet wide in a pyramidal form.

Where do blue spruce trees grow best?

Blue spruce trees do best in cooler climates from Zone 7 down to Zone 2. They need 6-8 hours of sunlight per day and acidic soil.

Are Colorado Blue Spruces slow growing?

Colorado blue spruces are moderate growers, meaning they can put on a few feet in one growing season, provided that their needs are met.

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Product Details

Mature Height: 30-60 ft.
Mature Width: 25-30 ft.
Sunlight: Full-Partial
Growth Rate: Moderate
Botanical Name: Picea pungens
Does Not Ship To: AZ
Grows Well In Zones: 2-7 outdoors
Your Growing Zone: #
2-7 outdoors       Map

Growing Zones: 2-7 outdoors

(hardy down to -40℉)

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