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5 Reasons Why We're Thankful for Plants

Elizabeth Durham — Nov 14, 2023

There’s a lot to appreciate when it comes to Mother Nature–water, sunshine, the breeze that blows in the wind. But at FastGrowingTrees, we’re extra thankful for plants. From the trees that grow tall to the vines that spread wide, plants make all our lives better. In this article, we’re sharing why we’re grateful to work with them each and every day.

1. They Make Us Happier–Literally!

Countless studies have backed up the fact that even looking at a plant relaxes and fills us with feel-good hormones. Nature can be therapeutic to those with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health challenges. Whether you’re gardening, hiking, or enjoying your house plant, a little green goes a long way to support your well-being!

2. They Help Us Breathe Better

While specific plants are considered to be excellent air filters (like the Snake Plant, ZZ Plant, Peace Lily, Golden Pothos, and others), all types help produce oxygen and reduce pollution! When you add plants inside your home, you’re making your space healthier. And on average, every tree planted (once mature) removes about 50 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year. 

3. They Give Us Nutrient-Rich Food

Of course, all the fruits and vegetables at the grocery store come from plants. But you can also grow your own food at home (even without a yard). Depending on your growing zone, anyone can start a vegetable garden, a personal orchard, or a simple flower box of herbs like rosemary, basil, thyme, and mint. With just a little time and effort, you can begin enjoying homegrown produce for free!

4. They Teach Us How to Care

Everyone approaches plants with a different goal. But many people who begin gardening, landscaping, or buying house plants find themselves gaining a lot more than just beauty, fragrance, or fruit. “Plant parents” often begin enjoying the process of nurturing a living thing. Plant ownership provides practice in caring, pride in watching something grow, and appreciation for the wonders of nature.

5. They Inspire Us to Keep Growing

Some plants are resilient. Some offer beauty. Some turn colorful in autumn or bloom brightly in spring. But no matter what, all plants grow. Even in the dead of winter, if plants aren’t getting bigger, their roots are spreading in the ground. And as our motto implies, we take this lesson to heart: Fast or slow, we strive to keep our plants–and you–growing strong. 

Check Out the Resource Center for More

Our Plant Care Resource Center is full of helpful tips for all things plants. From landscape design and seasonal recommendations to care information and deep-dive gardening guides, our website has lots of solutions to explore. Visit the Resource Center to learn more, and sign up for our newsletter to get deals and plant advice sent straight to your inbox.

Elizabeth Durham

Though cursed at birth with a black thumb, Elizabeth always dreamed of being a plant person. Turns out she just needed a little guidance—now she’s the proud mama of nearly a dozen house plants! After joining FastGrowingTrees.com as a Content Strategist, she’s expanded her knowledge tenfold and learned how to keep her plants alive…most of the time.

As a newbie in the plant world, Elizabeth understands the struggles of beginner gardeners. And as an experienced writer, she loves creating content that makes difficult concepts easy to understand. In her free time, she enjoys immersing herself in nature through daily lunchtime walks, weekend hikes, and visits to the park with her dog Fred.

Questions? Contact Elizabeth at information@fastgrowingtrees.com.

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