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Fall Landscaping: Top 5 Plants and Trees

Blair Brown — May 30, 2019

As we head into those crisp autumn months, it’s time to plan your garden. And fall landscaping? Super easy.

Think about it: Planting your favorite blooms, shrubs and more in cool temperatures, taking time to place your plants in comfort. It doesn’t get any better than that!

So, bring onfall and beyond because it’s the perfect time to roll those sleeves up and dig into your garden. Plus, we’ve featured our top fall landscaping picks, just in time for thenew season.

1. Thuja Green Giant

That’s right: the Thuja Green Giant is well-suited for year-round planting, including fall landscaping. Is there anything this amazing tree can’t do? It’s hardy down to -10 degrees, so this fast grower will continue to impress from season to season. And if you’re looking for a nearly ready-made privacy fence for next year’s outdoor events, the Thuja fits the bill.

Thuja Green Foliage

Best of all, Thuja Green Giants are super easy to plant.The Thuja isn’t finicky when it comes to soil, growing in sand or heavy clay equally well. It’s also practically maintenance-free. The only major upkeep is shearing after several years of growth.

2. Weeping Willow

Elegant and ethereal, the Weeping Willow is a classic that absolutely impresses. Sweeping, falling branches create that familiar canopy landscapers love. And fall landscaping is easy with this luxuriant must-have because it grows nearly anywhere and even offers some drought tolerance.

Simply plant your Weeping Willow in an area with full sun or partial shade. Also, it’s hardy down to -20 degrees, so it will last through the frigid wintry months.

The most important tip?Avoid planting it near pipes or septic systems. Weeping Willows have an aggressive root system that gravitates to water, so they will infiltrate your pipes or leach field, given the chance.

3. October Glory Red Maple

One of our favorites for fall landscaping, the October Glory is ultra dazzling. A rich show of fall color is the name of the game with this coveted tree. Blazing, vibrant reds burst forth in a fiery silhouette, making this maple pretty much synonymous with the season. And its leaves drop later in the fall than other trees, so the good looks last.

Red Maple

Even better, the October Glory is fairly low-maintenance and cold hardy down to -30 degrees. Harsh winters don’t stand a chance when it comes to this strong tree, so it’s ideal for fall landscaping and end-of-summer planting.

4. Jane Magnolia

Perfect for gardeners who are already thinking spring, the Jane Magnolia wows with rich flowers and delicate yet durable growth.Plus, the Jane blooms during late spring, so its vivid florals and show of color last even longer.

And the tulip-shaped petals are one-of-a-kind because they’re purple-pink on the outside and white on the inside, creating vibrant depth. Best of all, the Jane Magnolia is easy to plant, low-maintenance and cold hardy down to -20 degrees, so it’s a prime pick for fall landscaping.

Jane Magnolia

5. Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Last but not least, a fall landscaping go-to: the Japanese Maple. But unlike other Japanese Maples, the Bloodgood boasts scarlet foliage for most of the year, rather than just a few short weeks. Its brilliantly red leaves provide an easy focal point for your yard that instantly boosts curb appeal.

And what about planting? Well, it’s effortless. A green thumb is not required when it comes to the Bloodgood Japanese Maple.The roots are well-behaved, and it grows in full or partial sun. Plus, the Bloodgood is hardy down to -10 degrees, so winter weather is no problem either.

Japanese Maple

Basically, there’s no need to save your gardening and landscape plans for the spring. With cooler, more pleasant weather on the horizon, fall landscaping is effortless. And whether you plant your new botanicals on Labor Day weekend or wait until the official start of fall, it’s easy to plan your garden with these fresh picks. Check out some of our other top selections, and get growing!

Blair Brown

Blair is the Content Marketing Manager at FastGrowingTrees.com, and though she's not your traditional gardener, the planting world is definitely growing on her (pun intended!). She's enjoyed digging into plant care and maintenance and growing her plant collection, especially with exotic indoor varieties.

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