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Mini Makeover: Kristen's Hydrangea Corner

Elizabeth Durham — Sep 13, 2022


One shiplap plank at a time, do-it-yourself-er Kristen is creating her dream farmhouse (and documenting the whole journey on Instagram @mymidwestdiy). But not all the reno happens indoors—her Zone 6 landscape gets lots of love, too! Watch as Kristen turns one corner of her yard into a soon-to-bloom hydrangea garden. 

“I started getting into gardening when we bought our first house three years ago,” Kristen said. “Gardening is very relaxing to me! I love being able to transform a space with beautiful plants.”

Beautiful, indeed! Kristen knew this empty space had potential. She wanted to turn it into something her family could enjoy while hanging out in the backyard. So, she decided to brighten it up with a classic beauty: the hydrangea.

Kristen approached the project with color in mind, choosing a combination of Bluebird, Endless Summer Blushing Bride, and Nikko Blue Hydrangea Shrubs. Within five days of ordering online, the shrubs arrived, and she began prepping for planting.

“The project went really well and was so quick,” Kristen said. It only took one day to complete, and she didn’t face any real roadblocks to getting the plants in the ground. The only thing she would’ve done differently is plant them earlier in the year (when it’s not so hot outside).  

Kristen’s looking forward to seeing the hydrangeas bloom once spring rolls around. Like all good things, it’ll take time for the shrubs to grow and fill the space. But even without instant flowers, Kristen said that she’s “so happy with how the hydrangea garden turned out.”

Kristen proved that it only takes a little time and effort to freshen up your landscape. Be sure to check back every Tuesday this September to see more garden transformations

Follow Kristen on Instagram to learn more about how she’s DIYing her dream farmhouse–yard and all! Plus, shop her hydrangea garden picks below.

Elizabeth Durham

Though cursed at birth with a black thumb, Elizabeth always dreamed of being a plant person. Turns out she just needed a little guidance—now she’s the proud mama of nearly a dozen house plants! After joining FastGrowingTrees.com as a Content Strategist, she’s expanded her knowledge tenfold and learned how to keep her plants alive…most of the time.

As a newbie in the plant world, Elizabeth understands the struggles of beginner gardeners. And as an experienced writer, she loves creating content that makes difficult concepts easy to understand. In her free time, she enjoys immersing herself in nature through daily lunchtime walks, weekend hikes, and visits to the park with her dog Fred.

Questions? Contact Elizabeth at information@fastgrowingtrees.com.

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