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Mini Makeover: Mike's Polished Parking Spot

Elizabeth Durham — Nov 14, 2022


Everyone has that neglected corner of their yard they wish they could hide away. For Mike (of @mikebuiltsomething), it was where he parked his trailer. 

“It was a literal dumping space for us,” he said. Mulch, gravel, dirt, and everything they might have used for a renovation project, including Mike’s trailer, would sit there. And after he cleared the landscape of brush and painted their home white, the catch-all area stood out even more. “It’s the first thing your eye went to when seeing our house.” 

Mike wanted to give this eyesore an upgrade. He had plans to turn it into a space that could both hide his trailer and serve as a polished parking spot for his shiny Jeep Wrangler. Privacy fencing seemed pricey and unnecessary, so he opted for a natural barrier. 

We partnered with Mike, who lives in Growing Zone 7, to help turn his plan into a reality. He knew he’d need plants that could grow in wet soil and shade. To shield his trailer, privacy trees would be ideal. He also wanted to add some blooming varieties so the space was as beautiful as it was functional.

Based on Mike’s landscape goals, our plant experts recommended a combination of evergreens and flowering bushes. Together, we decided on a total of 20 plants: 4 Baby Blue Spruce Trees in the corners, 8 Endless Summer Hydrangeas, and 8 Golden Euonymus Shrubs

Within a few days of ordering, Mike received his plants and got to work. He cleared out the land, laid the tarp and border stone, poured the slate chips, and placed his new trees and shrubs in the ground. To define the space and protect the plants’ roots (especially heading into winter), he spread a layer of mulch over the planting area. 

The end product is nearly unrecognizable—rather than a forgotten “dumping space,” it now looks like an intentional driveway addition. And because the plants were chosen specifically for the shady, wet growing conditions, we know come spring they’ll flourish with vibrant blooms and new growth.

Mike standing in a serene garden, holding a wooden post

"I loved working with the FastGrowingTrees team,” Mike said. “They provided ideas and expertise to help ensure I would truly beautify this space! Once we decided on the plants, they were shipped and delivered within 5 days, and they came out of the box looking vibrant and healthy. I was really impressed with the process from start to finish and would absolutely get plants from there again!"

Love what you see? Follow Mike on Instagram (@mikebuiltsomething) for more DIY tips, home renovation projects, and—his specialty—handcrafted charcuterie boards! If you want to recreate Mike’s mini makeover, check out the plants he used below:

Get inspired with more "befores" and "afters" by exploring other transformations in our Mini Makeover Series. Have an idea for your own garden project? Email information@fastgrowingtrees.com to get in touch with our team.

Elizabeth Durham

Though cursed at birth with a black thumb, Elizabeth always dreamed of being a plant person. Turns out she just needed a little guidance—now she’s the proud mama of nearly a dozen house plants! After joining FastGrowingTrees.com as a Content Strategist, she’s expanded her knowledge tenfold and learned how to keep her plants alive…most of the time.

As a newbie in the plant world, Elizabeth understands the struggles of beginner gardeners. And as an experienced writer, she loves creating content that makes difficult concepts easy to understand. In her free time, she enjoys immersing herself in nature through daily lunchtime walks, weekend hikes, and visits to the park with her dog Fred.

Questions? Contact Elizabeth at information@fastgrowingtrees.com.

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