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Plants For Your Thanksgiving Table

Sarah Logie — Nov 01, 2022

Although Christmas is the cold-weather holiday that gets the most attention, Thanksgiving can’t be overlooked, especially when these plants are part of the celebration. There are tons of perfect picks to spice up your tablescapes, whether it’s for decorating, eating, or both! Check out a few of our recommendations below for using in your upcoming holiday feasts.


Cranberries are a must for the winter holidays. From cranberry sauce and turkey toppings to festive table décor, cranberries add color and flavor to the celebrations. When you’re done adding them to your favorite recipes, scatter the leftovers down your table with garland and other various fruits for an eye-catching display.

You’re in for sweet, delicious fruit when you grow these cranberry varieties from home. And the best part is that they’re ready for harvesting in mid fall.

American Cranberry


Another must-have fall fruit for Thanksgiving? Figs! This fruit is versatile for both sweet and savory dishes. Pair them with honey, caramel or cinnamon sugar, or add them to your charcuterie board and top your turkey with them. And when you’re finished cooking with them, throw them into a decorative bowl with grapes, oranges and pomegranates or flowers for a memorable arrangement.

Try out these phenomenal figs, and get a head start on your Figgy Pudding!

Brown Turkey Fig


Grapes are another no-brainer for your Thanksgiving table. Whether you add them to your fruit salad, make fresh jam or even concoct some wine, grapes are ripe for the picking and eating. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try our Wine Lover’s Kit, which comes with two popular wine-producing grapes so you can become a winemaker yourself! Plus, grapes are equally as delightful in your décor. Their deep reds and purples provide the perfect color palette for Thanksgiving.  

Try out these got-to-have grapes:

Summit Muscadine Grapes


We can’t forget citrus! Lush, flavorful fruits like lemons and oranges will sweeten your home and enhance your Thanksgiving dinner. Garnish your turkey, juice up your salads, or craft some fresh-squeezed cocktails. Both the scent and the taste will be unmatched! And the best part is that your lemons, limes, grapefruits and more can double as décor. Slice them up and showcase them either fresh or dried for an elegant touch. 

One of our favorite ways to include citrus is by making holiday potpourri on the stovetop. Add orange slices with cranberries, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon sticks and any other ingredients of your choice to water and let it simmer. It’ll fill your home with the tastiest scent!     

Get a load of these scrumptious citrus:

Valencia Orange Tree

Other fruits that are excellent for utilizing in your Thanksgiving decorating and dining include persimmonspomegranatesapples and pears. And for further inspo, be sure to visit our full collection of fruit trees.

As you can see, fall fruits make the finest Thanksgiving décor and delicacies! From spicing up your tablescape to flavoring your meals, it’s hard to beat these fresh picks. And when you grow your own, you can continue to enjoy them season after season.

Be sure to tag @fastgrowingtrees on Instagram and Facebook so we can see which fruits you’re incorporating in your holiday festivities!

Sarah Logie

As Content Strategist at FastGrowingTrees.com, Sarah is smitten with words and a fanatic for flowers, particularly cut florals and house plants. With a love for curating compelling content, she also enjoys furthering her plant knowledge along the way! A few of her favorite flowers include hibiscus, hydrangeas, peonies and dahlias.

Sarah’s fondness for plants was cultivated through many childhood trips to Longwood Gardens in southeastern Pennsylvania, as well as through her first job out of college at a floral event design company. In her free time, catch her snapping photos of anything and everything, day-dreaming about interior decor, and enjoying the outdoors any chance she gets.

Questions? Contact Sarah at information@fastgrowingtrees.com.

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