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Plants to Improve Air Quality: Our Top 7 Purifying Plants

Blair Brown — Mar 13, 2020

There’s nothing like lush house plants, from their vibrant green foliage to their tropical touches of color and beyond. But we often receive one question: Can they really purify the air!? And are there easy, low-light varieties that help clean my home?

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with our top seven air-purifying house plants, perfect for green thumbs, black thumbs and every gardener in-between.

Which House Plants Improve Air Quality?

1. Bird's Nest Fern

The Bird’s Nest Fern is an Asian-native tropical plant that's easy to maintain, despite its lush, well-curated look. In fact, it’s perfect for those with or without a green thumb since it thrives in low light.

Air-Purifying Houseplants

Even better is the fact that its lush upright growth is also pet-friendly, so you won't have to worry about where you place it. No matter where it grows, it cleans the air and dresses up your space.

2. Hedgehog Aloe Vera Plant

Drought-tolerant, adaptable to low light, and ready to purify the air: The Hedgehog Aloe Vera is a triple-threat winner. Plus, boasts unique, succulent-like leaves while still having that signature cooling gel you love.

And it’s one of the top oxygen-producer plants, removing toxins from the air with ease.

3. Peace Lily

Plants that actually prefer to grow in the shade? Check! The Peace Lily will thrive in areas with low, indirect light.

Air-Purifying Peace Lily

Plus, the Peace Lily can kept in smaller pots to sit on any tabletop or desk, accenting your favorite spaces and purifying the air while requiring very little care in return.

4. Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Originally grown under the canopies of African rainforests, the robust Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree thrives within natural light of your home. And not only is it one of the most popular house plants on the market, but it's also perfect for air purification.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig for Cleaning the Air

5. Golden Pothos

The eye-catching, cascading green foliage of the Golden Pothos cleans the air no matter where it’s placed. Whether it's removing air toxins in your home office, or brightening up a corner in your living room, the Golden Pothos is a must-have.

And even better is its carefree nature. It thrives without frequent watering and is easy to propagate, so you can spread the wealth.

6. Snake Plant

So, it doesn't need much water, thrives on neglect, and will stand strong in rooms with low light. What's not to love about the Snake Plant? Often considered a bulletproof variety, this hard-to-kill evergreen makes a bold statement with its exotic, lush look.

Black Gold Snake Plant for Air Cleaning

The Black Gold Snake Plant stands tall like a modern work of art that works for you, clearing the air effortlessly.

7. Spider Plant

Last but certainly not least: the Spider Plant. Our favorite benefits?
  • It's perfect for beginners, needing minimal watering.
  • It looks great no matter where it grows.
  • Finally, it's safe for pets - non-toxic for both cats and dogs.

Even better? The Spider Plant is a great air purifier too, promoting a healthful environment without any effort on your part.

So, Can Indoor Plants Really Purify the Air?

Yes! Though all house plants help improve oxygen to some extent, these air-purifying plants are perfect for those who want a little something extra in their homes. View our full collection of air-purifying house plants for further inspiration!

Blair Brown

Blair is the Content Marketing Manager at FastGrowingTrees.com, and though she's not your traditional gardener, the planting world is definitely growing on her (pun intended!). She's enjoyed digging into plant care and maintenance and growing her plant collection, especially with exotic indoor varieties.

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