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Mother of Pearl® RoseRosa 'Meiludere'

  • Mother of Pearl® Rose

    Mother of Pearl® Rose

  • Mother of Pearl® Rose

    Mother of Pearl® Rose

  • Mother of Pearl® Rose

    Mother of Pearl® Rose

  • Mother of Pearl® Rose
  • Mother of Pearl® Rose
  • Mother of Pearl® Rose

* Images shown are of mature plants

Mother of Pearl® RoseRosa 'Meiludere'

Shrubs & Hedges

Rose bush performs well in various climates

  • Disease-resistant and tolerant of drought and cold

  • Low-maintenance

  • Great cutting flower

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Timeless Rose with Exceptional Resistance to Disease

Enjoy the ethereal beauty of the Mother of Pearl® Rose, a Grandiflora variety that exceeds expectations with its delicate soft pink hue and flawless form! Above and beyond its peers, this rose showcases remarkable disease resistance, making it a top choice amongst gardeners.

Standing tall against black spot and winter chill, the Mother of Pearl® Rose is a resilient gem, thriving effortlessly in diverse climates. Its also a heavy-bloomer, despite the cold and drought - ensuring year-round beauty with minimal maintenance!

Perfectly suited for cutting and bringing indoors, each bloom will infuse any space with a delicate fragrance and timeless allure. So whether adorning a vase or gracing a garden bed, the Mother of Pearl® Rose is a true embodiment of beauty, inside and out.

Embrace the elegance and simplicity of this low-maintenance rose. Grow your Mother of Pearl® Rose today!

Planting & Care

1. Planting: Choose a well-drained site in full to partial sun (4 to 8 hours of sunlight per day). If you choose partial sun, make sure your plant receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day (afternoon shade is better than morning shade).

Start by digging a hole twice as wide and twice as deep as the root ball. Backfill the soil until you have a hole the same size or slightly larger than the container the rose is in. Plant the rose at the same depth as it is in the container. Mulch the planting site to retain soil moisture and keep competing growth from coming up around the rose bush.

2. Watering: While your rose is establishing, keep your soil evenly moist during the growing season. Water around the roots rather than overhead (or showering). Generally, this means watering about once or twice weekly, or more often in dry conditions. Once your rose establishes, it will be more tolerant of drought and you may only need to water in especially dry conditions.

3. Fertilizing: Fertilize with an organic rose fertilizer once a month.

4. Pruning: Prune every spring, all the way back to 12 inches off the ground, after it is established. When you do prune, sterilize your sharp pruning shears with hot water or rubbing alcohol. This guarantees a cleaner, healthier cut. Always prune at an angle and not straight across.

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Product Details

Mature Height: 3-4 ft.
Mature Width: 2-3 ft.
Sunlight: Full Sun
Blooms: Spring-Fall
Growth Rate: Fast
Botanical Name: Rosa 'Meiludere'
Does Not Ship To: AZ
Grows Well In Zones: 5-10 outdoors
Your Growing Zone: #
5-10 outdoors       Map

Growing Zones: 5-10 outdoors

(hardy down to -10℉)

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