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Patio Hot Pepper Garden

  • Patio Hot Pepper Garden

    Patio Hot Pepper Garden

  • Patio Hot Pepper Garden

    Patio Hot Pepper Garden

  • Patio Hot Pepper Garden

    Patio Hot Pepper Garden

  • Patio Hot Pepper Garden
  • Patio Hot Pepper Garden
  • Patio Hot Pepper Garden

* Images shown are of mature plants

Patio Hot Pepper Garden

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Discover homegrown hot peppers!

  • Grow your own hot peppers and herbs with this easy-to-plant kit!
  • Comes with everything you need to plant and harvest
  • Buy for yourself or gift it to family and friends to enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: Plants ship separately from the rest of the kit and may arrive on a different day.

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Patio Hot Pepper Garden

PLEASE NOTE: Plants ship separately from the rest of the kit and may arrive on a different day.

Grow your own hot peppers from your patio with our Patio Hot Pepper Garden!

This all-inclusive kit provides a fun and rewarding gardening experience. Each garden includes an embroidered grow bag, a fully rooted pepper plant and companion herbs, growing media, and garden nutrients—everything you need to harvest homegrown hot peppers!

The options are endless when it comes to using your peppers in recipes. From tacos and salsas to cocktails and mocktails, peppers are growing in popularity across the country and provide a delicious, flavor adventure! 

Your Patio Pepper Garden includes all the ingredients you need to plant, grow, harvest, and savor fresh bounties of hot peppers. In this kit, you’ll find a hot pepper plant, seasonal companion herbs, customized media, nutrients to help your plants thrive, and a breathable, reusable fabric grow bag to house your plants. 

Plus, growing peppers in grow bags means your garden is portable—you can move it around to find its best growing conditions. Peppers need room for their roots to spread, and the grow bag allows your plants to thrive. Place your pepper kit on your porch or patio and watch it flourish! Not only will the peppers taste great; they'll also provide visual interest for your outdoor space.

Discover the joys and benefits of growing your own hot peppers, or gift this kit to a friend or family member. Order your Patio Hot Pepper Garden today! 

Planting & Care 

1. Planting: Plant your peppers after the danger of frost has passed and nighttime temperatures are consistently 60 degrees or higher.  Peppers like being warm, so planting too early will cause stress and weaken your plants. Plant your peppers where part of the stem is below ground as you would tomatoes. Once you've planted your pepper, give it a good watering. Place your pepper plant in the middle of the grow bag and the companion herbs towards the side of the grow bag. 

Your garden will thrive with at least 6-8 hours of direct sun every day and enjoy cool evenings, as long as the temperature doesn't dip below 50 degrees. If the weather is forecasted to be over 90 degrees or below 50 degrees, we recommend moving your garden inside for brief periods.

After planting, remember to pinch off the first flowers to help the plants focus their energy on getting bigger and establishing a healthy root system.

2. Watering: Get in the habit of checking on your garden every morning until you get a feel for how often your garden needs to be watered. Always take advantage of rainwater by letting nature do the work for you.  Peppers need about 2 inches of water per week in the growing season. If you’re in an extremely hot climate or a drought, they may need as much as a gallon of water per day. Your kit includes mulch—place the mulch at the base of the pepper plant to help retain moisture and keep the soil temperature balanced.  Wait until the soil temperature is warm before adding the mulch.

3. Fertilizing: Your Patio Pepper Garden Kit includes all the plant nutrients you need throughout the season. Remember to mark your calendars for the 30 day and 60 day feeding schedule.

4. Harvesting: You can begin enjoying your peppers 60-75 days after planting, and your herbs will be ready for their first harvest 14-21 days after planting. Up to 60% of the herb can be harvested at one time. Harvest your herbs early in the morning, before the heat of the day for the best flavor. Depending on your taste, you can harvest your peppers anytime from the green point to a more mature point, which is most often red, but sometimes a rich golden orange. Peppers taste sweeter the more mature they are at harvest time. When you harvest your peppers, always cut them from the plant with clean garden shears or a hand pruner.

5. Pruning: Pruning peppers encourages stronger stems and branching and can result in improved yields. Early season pepper plant pruning should be done when the plant is at least a foot tall. Most pepper plants have an overall ‘Y’ shape and branches then create smaller and smaller ‘Y’s off of the main stems. Cut back smaller branches, including any suckers. Suckers are branches growing from the crook where two other branches form a ‘Y’. Be careful not to damage the main ‘Y’ of the plant, as this is the backbone of the plant. Damaging it will cause the plant to perform poorly. 

Pruning herbs keeps them growing strong. Pruning, or cutting off leaves and parts of the herb stems will signal the plant to continue growing and keep your garden thick and lush. Regular harvests will also keep you in tune with how your garden is thriving. Pruning can be accomplished by pinching with your fingers for the smaller stems or using clean shears for heavier work.  

6. Pollination Info: Pepper plants are self-pollinating, which means that a single plant can set fruit by itself. Self-pollinating plants still need wind, bee’s wings, or some other stimulus to release the pollen. Your pepper garden is an outdoor garden, so the pollinating should happen naturally.

Let your plants feed the pollinators. Peppers and herbs are among the best plants for the bee population. Bees are valuable pollinators and carry on the cycle of nature.  With the decline in the honeybee population, identifying one or two of your herbs to be pollinator plants is a welcome idea. Bees are attracted to plants that flower in full sun, so your herbs that thrive in the sun and produce tiny flowers are a wonderful way to attract the pollinators. 


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Product Details

Mature Height: 2-3 ft.
Mature Width: 1-2 ft.
Sunlight: Full Sun
Growth Rate: Moderate
Drought Tolerance: Good
Does Not Ship To: AZ
Grows Well In Zones: Indoors
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