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Sugar Belle® MandarinCitrus reticulata Clementine x Minneola

  • Sugar Belle® Mandarin

    Sugar Belle® Mandarin

  • Sugar Belle® Mandarin

    Sugar Belle® Mandarin

  • Sugar Belle® Mandarin

    Sugar Belle® Mandarin

  • Sugar Belle® Mandarin
  • Sugar Belle® Mandarin
  • Sugar Belle® Mandarin

* Images shown are of mature plants

Sugar Belle® MandarinCitrus reticulata Clementine x Minneola

Fruit Trees & Bushes

Easy-growing delicious fruit right in your own backyard!

  • Heavy fruit production of sweet and juicy mandarins
  • Fragrant white blossoms
  • Low-maintenance and self-pollinating 
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Enjoy Sweet, Juicy Mandarins in Your Own Backyard

Take your gardening to a whole new level with our premium Sugar Belle® Mandarin Tree. Not your average citrus tree, the Sugar Belle® Mandarin is a unique cross between a clementine tangerine and a Minneola Tangelo, yielding the sweetest and most flavorful mandarins you'll ever taste.

Sugar Belle’s vibrant red-orange mandarins are low seed to seedless, easy to peel, and ripen in late fall to winter. Sugar Belle® Mandarins are known for their deeply sweet, richly flavored flesh yielding an explosion of juice with every bite. They’re great as a marinade over seafood, stir-fry, or tossed in a salad, or simply enjoyed on their own. They make the perfect on-the-go snack for kids and adults alike.

With its glossy, dark-green leaves and clusters of sweetly fragrant, white flowers, Sugar Belle® Mandarin brings a tropical touch to any space, indoors or outdoors. This hardy citrus tree stands out in any garden landscape, growing to an average height of 8-12 feet and spreading 6-7 feet wide. 

Our Sugar Belle® Mandarin Tree is grown and shipped with care, ensuring that you'll receive a healthy, productive tree. Upgrade your garden and enjoy a bountiful harvest of sweet, juicy mandarins with our Sugar Belle ® Mandarin Tree. Grab yours today!

Please Note: This product is specific to Florida. Shop Sugar Belle® Mandarins for other states here

Pollination Info

Sugar Belle® Mandarin Pollination

Sugar Belle® Mandarins are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding an additional Sugar Belle® Mandarin will drastically increase the size of your crop.

Planting & Care

1. Planting:  Sugar Belle® Mandarin Trees need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. The soil should be well-draining, as citrus trees do not thrive in waterlogged conditions. Dig a hole that's twice as wide and slightly deeper than the root ball of your tree. This ensures the roots have plenty of room to spread and grow. Remove the tree from its nursery pot. Gently massage the root ball to loosen it up. 

Place the tree in the hole. The top of the root ball should be slightly above ground level. Backfill the hole with the original soil mixed with some compost or organic matter to enrich the soil. As you fill, gently tamp down the soil to remove any air pockets. If you choose, you can add a 2-3 inch layer of mulch around the base of the tree to retain moisture and suppress weeds. Make sure the mulch does not touch the trunk of the tree.

2. Watering: Water your tree thoroughly after planting. Continue to water it every few days for the first few weeks, then adjust the watering based on the weather and soil moisture.

3. Pollination: Sugar Belle® trees are self-fertile, which means they can pollinate themselves without the need for another tree.

4. Fertilizing: A well-balanced citrus fertilizer with micronutrients such as the one included in our Citrus Care Kit is crucial for a healthy tree. The first fertilization should be about 3 weeks after planting. Newly planted trees should be fertilized 6 times in the first year.

5. Pruning: Prune your tree if needed, usually to maintain its shape, size or to remove any dead or diseased branches. The best time to prune is in the spring. We suggest only pruning your tree in the first 3 years if it’s for the removal of suckers that grow from the base.

Shipping Details

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Product Details

Mature Height: 12 ft.
Mature Width: 6-7 ft.
Sunlight: Full-Partial
Blooms: Spring
Growth Rate: Fast
Year to Bear: Can Fruit the 1st year!
Botanical Name: Citrus reticulata Clementine x Minneola
Does Not Ship To: CA, LA, TX, AZ, GA, AL, OR
Grows Well In Zones: 4-11 patio / 8-10 outdoors
Your Growing Zone: #
4-11 patio         /           8-10 outdoors       Map

Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 8-10 outdoors

(hardy down to 20℉)

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